Via Della Fonte di Fauno 31, 00153 Roma - Italia

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Every morning the guests of the Fauno Urban Resort wake up in the silent and discreet atmosphere of our garden, a splendid backdrop that separates them from the magnificence of the Roman Forum, the majesty of the Circus Maximus and the grandeur of the Baths of Caracalla. We are exactly where in 753 a.c. Rome was born, the center of the ancient world, of the Roman Empire, of history and of the civilizations that lived Rome, each leaving a historical and urban testimony. Everything around us tells the passage of time, the historical and urban stratification of Rome, the essence of Caput Mundi, yesterday and today.

Getting up at dawn and watching the Roman Forum be dyed with unique colors, intoxicated by the scents of the Roseto, watching the slow flow of the Tiber that surrounds the Tiber Island and laps the Ghetto. Or discover the enchanted atmosphere offered by the Circus Maximus and the Baths of Caracalla for morning running, a unique setting immersed in the green of the Roman parks. In the background appear the Arch of Titus and the Colosseum witnesses of the greatness and uniqueness of Rome, defining the path to the Imperial Forums and towards the Capitol.

Unquestionably we are the perfect starting and return point for days dedicated to the discovery of the universal beauty of Rome, but we can also be the half-day stopover, to enjoy relaxation and rest around our splendid swimming pool, in bricks and basalt, which adorn our garden, sipping a glass of fresh wine, a cocktail with appetizers, or taking advantage of the light lunch before heading off again to discover our enchanting and unique Rome.

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Via della Fonte di Fauno 31, 00154 Roma – Italia



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