Via Della Fonte di Fauno 31, 00153 Roma - Italia

The Hotel

Fauno Urban Resort

The Fauno Resort is housed in the splendid Villa Varlonga, designed by the architect Lucio Passarelli in the 60s of the last century, in the place where ancient and contemporary Rome intertwine and where you can see the imperial Rome of the Palatine overlooking the Circus Maximus.

Villa Varlonga is par excellence, the exclusive residence in the heart of Rome, where ancient history is intertwined with architecture and design.

The residence, in fact, in the structural part has been preserved as the Architect Lucio Passarelli had conceived and built, leaving behind the technology of steel and wood, which exhibits, beams, pillars, shelves and other members with genuine frankness and with great elegance, harmony and personality.

A dwelling that expresses luxury and elegance and guarantees a stay immersed in the peace and discretion of a unique and precious hospitality, to transform a journey into an unforgettable experience.

Behind the gate of the Fauno Resort opens the Park, full of colored and relaxing corners, the splendid brick and basalt pool, the patio shaded by the perfumed wisteria and the splendid stone, steel and glass villa, where the guest is cuddled by natural materials such as stone and wood, wrapped by the refined and essential design of the furnishings.

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